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Hi everybody! Thanks for dropping by. This is my blog that I’ve just started and there is obviously a reason behind, which I’d try to describe later…obviously in this post. But before that let me introduce myself. My name is Andy, mmmm, and I hail from Oakland, California. I have two kids – Jason and Sara. They are 7 and 4 respectively. And yes, my beloved wife, Stephanie. I’d definitely try to come up with a good family photograph of our later as she is dead against it right now. You know, privacy concerns. She is one of them who can bet anything for these. Ack, hell!!

I’m no blogger, neither I’m a writer. I’m a financial advisor by profession and I love doing my job. Once I read somewhere that in order to be a successful writer, you have to have the ability to think logically and express your reasons clearly and in a proper manner. I’ve always lacked that. I’ve always failed to write anything I wanted. My wishes, my thoughts, my desires, my experiences and everything else.

Perhaps it’s time to put down everything I ever wanted to share. Perhaps, it’d be in a haphazard way, but let it be. In spite of being a financial planner, I had to file for bankruptcy. No, this is no joke! I just cannot believe that I myself went at the threshold of bankruptcy while advising thousands of people with their finances.

I filed for bankruptcy in 2013. Just after my marriage, I became careless about my finances. My negligence grew when Jason and Sara came in our lives and filled us with everything we wished for. The trance of the momentary happiness was so intense that I couldn’t see the imminent chaos. It might be because of the fact that being myself a financial planner I was overconfident about my abilities to take care of my own finances.

Perhaps, you can now relate why it’s PennyLessDad. However, bankruptcy was a dark past that I’ve left behind, and today leading a debt free life with my family. It would never have been possible without my dear wife. Thanks Stephanie!

PennyLessDad is solely for what financial mistakes I committed, how I overcame those, and most importantly, what I learnt from them. I’ll share everything with you through my future blog posts from time to time and of course would try to come up with financial lessons to simplify your daily finances.