3 ways to control your kid’s online life

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3 ways to control your kid’s online life



In 2015, a survey by Pew Research Center revealed 92% of teens were going online daily (aided by the convenience and constant access that smartphones have brought to our lives) – including 24% who said they go online almost constantly.

There is no denying saying that the way we used to socialize a decade ago has changed drastically through the introduction of numerous social media platforms. Today, our kids are spending most of their time on the Internet – in a virtual reality where privacy and cyber security concerns are many and growing.

That said, parenting in this digital age is difficult, and the challenges are many. You need to keep a constant vigil on your child’s online life without hampering their privacy.

Accepting that fact that you have to get involved, here are 3 tips to help your kids navigate this virtual world safely.

1) Employ some rules: Just because your kid knows how to navigate through an Android or iOS OS, this doesn’t enable them to do whatever they wish. Kids are impulsive and don’t bother about what results that activities might bring.

Hence, you need to set boundaries and create rules because they don’t’ understand the outcomes of their digital immersion. Set internet usage limits and clear rules before your kids.

Depending on your child’s age, you may want to prohibit actions like anonymous usage, making sensitive and personal information public, interacting with strangers, hiding any instance of online harassment or cyberbullying.

2) Install parental controls: The www is like a black hole full of nasty dangers – including inappropriate websites, cyberbullying, and pornographic content. According to a survey by Pew Research, about 71% of kids hide their online activities from their parents. If you can invest on an internet security software, you can stop your kids from accessing questionable contents across the web.

Investing on an internet security software can help you monitor all your devices, rate websites, record search terms, block questionable content, and send you usage reports.

3) Keep track of your kids: You may be a novice as long as the Internet is concerned but keeping an eye on your kid’s online activity is still your parental responsibility. You should be aware of the social media platforms they are active on – namely, Ask.fm, Tinder, Whisper, and Kik. You may have never heard of these platforms before, but you have to make yourself familiar with these names, the threats they pose, and of course the features.

Being a responsible parent, it’s your duty to access your kid’s social media profiles frequently. If you come across unpalatable materials, talk to your kids why it makes you uncomfortable and unhappy.

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