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Either give up Smoking or Life..



I’ve been a chain-smoker. It’s not that I’ve stopped smoking now. But with the help of Stephanie, I’ve managed to bring down the numbers of cigarette I used to have in a single day even few months back. It was hard. A real hard thing to do. But it was Stephanie and my children for whom I did it.

Smoking was snatching both my hard earned money and my health and I had to do it. I had no other option.
What I learned or how I did it is below in the form of some tips to help you get rid of the smoking-swamp too.

1) Be patient and believe that you can do it. Your will and dedication will help you stop smoking more than any other therapy or medications. Smoking is 70% connected with your mind and only 30% with your body.
2) Set up a day in a week on which you won’t smoke, if you’re trying to quit it.
3) On your stop smoking day, throw away all your cigarettes. This will not only prevent easy access to cigarettes but also will have a huge psychological impact on you.
4) Avoid places and situations that prompt you to light up a cigarette. For instance, if you light up your first cigarette in a toilet on a particular time, try to get into the toilet at a different time.
5) Consult with your doctor to stop smoking. Nicotine patches or gums may help you a lot in the smoking cessation process and relieve the withdrawal symptoms.
6) Start saving money that you spend on cigarettes. You will realize that it’s beneficial for your family in this recession.
7) Regular sports activities. Start with long walks, buy a cycle and maintain a habit to go to your office on your cycle. Either go for swimming or start playing football, if you haven’t played yet.
8) Eat a huge amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink a lot of liquids. A healthy diet always prevents from gaining weight and enhances the withdrawal symptoms.
9) Ask your family and friends to be supportive. After you put away the cigarettes you will be nervous and irritable so it is vital that they understand your behavior and help you.


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