How to discipline your kids

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How to discipline your kids



Kids are wild beings. They are untamed. They are not acquainted with the norms of the society. As parents, besides raising them up and pampering them, it’s also our duty to make our kids disciplined.

Fortunately, Stephanie and I think alike on this matter. We have a set of rules in our home, and breaking those is a punishable offense. We appreciate Jason and Sara when they abide by those rules and don’t forget to rebuke them when they don’t.

Parenting is a serious subject for both of us and we always try to excel here. We read books, magazines on parenting, take tips from our parents, friends, and seniors, and discuss to improve things from time to time.

It was just yesterday when I came across a wonderful video on Youtube where Ari Brown, a Pediatrician and Author, was elaborating on four points that would help discipline your kids. I really liked the ideas and believe that my fellow parents would like them too.

Perhaps we won’t notice any changes in our kids’ behavior immediately. However, keeping our patience and utilizing these techniques might help.


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