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What to do if your child has eating disorder



Discovering that your child has an eating disorder can be very much terrifying for any parent. Stephanie and I too felt something similar when Jason was diagnosed with Binge-eating disorder a few months back. Though he is all cure now, we learned many things during those days.

Being a parent, you always want your child to get well soon, and often try to apply your own wellness plan. While your intentions are undoubtedly fair, you need to know that this can actually make things worse. You need to be very careful and only get your child treated by a certified medical practitioner.

Here are three things you should avoid if your child has an eating disorder:

1) Never try to take care of things yourself

If you suspect or know that your child has an eating disorder, you should never try your own tricks or remedies to cure him or her. Though it’s you who know your child the most, you always need the help of a trained counselor or therapist.

One of the known factors that contribute to eating disorder is when a child feels that their wishes are not fulfilled. It’s hard to believe but true, that sometimes, being the parent, you’re actually the problem. Your child’s feeling of inadequacy can deteriorate just because of you.

2) Don’t overlook

Simply acknowledging the disorder won’t help. You have to be a part of the cure. You have to work with your child and a professional therapist to unearth the reasons that led to the eating disorder. Some of the following might include:

  • trying to have control over areas of their life
  • stress about achievements or accomplishments
  • fear of loneliness
  • feelings of insufficiency
  • anger towards self or others

These are few of the many underlying factors that can contribute to your child’s eating disorder. You should try to understand the reasons along with your therapist and how to move past them.

3) Make sure you don’t escalate the situation

Though all parents want the best for their kids, often it does more harm than good when you try to cure the emotional well-being of your child. If you child gets diagnosed with an eating disorder, you need to know how to act so that you don’t escalate the situation.

It’s best to work with a professional. A professional counselor or therapist will work with every member of the family for the betterment of your child. He or she can guide the family members as in how they should react to specific circumstances they encounter with the child. Knowing how you can be supportive and act is very important to help your child overcome the disorder.


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