3 Ways to reuse your Halloween pumpkins

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3 Ways to reuse your Halloween pumpkins



There are lots of ways you can use the orange gourd once the Halloween is over. Yes, there are certain ways to make the most of your investment you make on Halloween decorations.

Whether it’s for a creative project or to use it as composite to grow your garden, there are certain ways you can repurpose your jack-o’-lantern. This would bring you more joy, retain the Halloween spirit, and moreover, help you save some cash going into the holiday season.

Here I bring you three ways you can use your pumpkin once again after the Halloween.

1) Eat your pumpkin: Eating your pumpkin is perhaps the best way to reuse it. Pumpkin puree could be a great option to start with. You could also try homemade pumpkin spice latte than visiting Starbucks and wasting $5 on an espresso that doesn’t even contain any pumpkin. Have you ever tried pumpkin cocktail or beer? Pumpkin Lasagna could be another mouth-watering fall dish for dinner.

Don’t throw away the seeds that you peel out from inside. They could prove to be an awesome snack. A small amount of roasted pumpkin seeds is a delicious way to get iron, zinc, magnesium, and a healthy dose of fiber.

2) Decorate with your pumpkin: Halloween may be over, but the holiday season isn’t, and pumpkins can add to the beauty of your home and garden more than any other ready-made decorations available at shops. Have you ever thought of using pumpkins as serving bowls? Here is an easy way to make pumpkin bowls. Try it out yourself.

Pumpkins can also serve as planters for small potted plants. Here is how you make planters out of pumpkins. How about creating a birdfeeder with a pumpkin? Have you ever thought about doing something similar? Here is how you can make a birdfeeder with a pumpkin.

3) Use as compost: Your leftover pumpkins can very well be used as composite in your garden. They can certainly help the land increase its fertility and the plants grow and thrive. Cut the big gourd in smaller pieces and mix those in the compost pile, and then mix it into your soil next spring. Now, wait to see an incredible garden.

These were few of my ways to make use of the pumpkin. What’s your favorite way to use your pumpkin after Halloween?

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