5 Ways to save money this february

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5 Ways to save money this february



February may be a short month, but you’ll still get a few occasions to splurge. Valentine’s Day is already there, and you’ll have to spend more if you want to celebrate Cherry Pie and Plum Pudding days too with your beloved.

Are you or your beloved born on February too? If yes, this is perhaps the month when you’ll have to budget more than Christmas for celebrations.

Whatever, there are still scopes to save. Here are some saving tips to max out your monthly savings that I’ve tried personally.

1) Prepare your own valentine’s gift: It’s not necessary that you always need to follow the custom. You can always skip the expensive gift stores and make something on your own if you feel like doing. While this will cost you pennies, such a handmade gift will always surprise your beloved and he/she will always cherish as it’ll be something that you have put your heart and soul in. Here are some referrals:


2) Stock up supplies: Most grocery stores stock up on meat and seafood in the beginning of February to make some profit from the Valentine’s Day parties. However, as soon as February 15 rolls around, they start selling those for anything. Keep some space in your freezer for this time. Catch your share of steak, shrimp, chocolates, cakes, and pastries for pennies.

3) Build your own farm: If you can grow a good portion of the vegetable you consume, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of your monthly grocery bill. Get some time this month to map your garden and get your seeds ordered. Here are some links to get you started:


4) Plan meals around seasonal fare: Try to incorporate the seasonal veggies into your meal plan to cut down costs as much as possible. Broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage are just few of the foods that you’ll get in plenty this month. Buy them in large quantities. Also, try to grow them on your own.


5) Snag super bowl bargains: If you’re crazy about snack food and least bothered about gaining calories, February is the best month to stock up. Chips, soda, and frozen finger foods will be on sale before the week before the Super Bowl.

Planning to host a small party at your home? Try these and save even more.


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