Cut back on your air conditioning bills this summer

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Cut back on your air conditioning bills this summer



Sultry summer days can make your air conditioning bills skyrocket. But should you choose between lowering electricity bills and a comfortable home temperature? Would that be a fair deal? Absolutely not.

There are many ways to keep the atmosphere inside your home comfortable without spending a fortune. Consider these pocket-friendly and straightforward ideas you could be benefited of.

How to make the most of your air conditioner?

If you are truly dependent on your air conditioner for the cooling of your entire house, there are few essentials that you need to carry out to maximize its effectiveness and reducing its costs.

  1. As per WebMD, you should keep your thermostat at a higher temperature if you want to reduce electric consumption. Set your thermostat at 78 degrees while you’re at home, and 85 degrees while you’re away. The closer your indoor temperature is to the outside, the lower your air conditioning costs will be.
  2. Only cool the rooms that your use the most. As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), shutting down vents and other air registers to rooms that you rarely use can help reduce air conditioning costs.
  3. Check if your air conditioner is in good order. Often extensive use makes dust particles in air congest your machine; thus add up to your cooling costs. Get a professional tune up for your air conditioning system every year. Also, make sure you change the filter every month during summer. As per the Department of Energy, just by keeping your filter clean you reduce your cooling costs by up to 15%.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat of good brand. In my home, I’ve installed a Nest. It works flawlessly. While comparing bills of last year I found that it has saved me about 20% of my hard earned money since its installation.

Cut back on your air conditioning needs

If you can reduce the use of your air conditioner, you will save on your cooling costs too. Check out some ideas given below to keep your home cooler:

  1. Use fans: Using ceiling or room fans instead of air conditioning systems can reduce your cooling costs. Precisely, as per the Department of Energy, you can set your thermostat 4 degrees higher if you use a fan inside your home. Moreover, fans help circulate the air within the home. However, don’t forget to put off the fans when you are not at home.
  2. Reject the hot stuff: Avoid using heat generating appliances during summer to keep your home cooler. Appliances like ovens, washers, dryers, irons and so forth add to the overall temperature of the house. Hence, it’s best not to use them if not required. Alternatively, you can use microwaves, or toasters to use less energy and limit your cooling bills.
  3. Ventilation and shading: Keep your doors and windows closed during the day to prohibit hot air from outside. Plant trees for shades and this keeps the home cooler. If your area cools down during evenings, open the windows so that cool and fresh breeze may get in and reduce your home’s overnight cooling needs.
  4. Insulation and cracks: Make sure there are no cracks. Seal if there is any. Again, make sure your insulation meets your home’s needs. Else, the cooling bills are going to increase.

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