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7 Cheap toys that’d make your kids smarter



We often spend fortunes to buy gifts for our kids and in a way try to show how much we love them. This is, however, nothing but lunacy. Undoubtedly the stuff you buy for your kids is great, but sometimes you can strengthen your kids’ intellect with some awesome DIY toys. Spending what is needed is always good and frugality is such a lesson that you can teach your kids at any age.

1) Geoboard: Putting up a geoboard on your own is very easy. With just some basic knowledge of geometry and carpentering skills, you can have a homemade geoboard easily. Get a slab of wood at a craft or home improvement store, and draw a grid with a pencil. Now hammer nails into the corner of each marked square. Your geoboard is ready and will give your kids ample scope to reflect their imagination with colorful rubber bands.

2) Memory game: It’s very easy to build a DIY memory game for your kid depending on the age. Here is one where you’d need some wooden disks (that you could get at most craft stores) and a few cut-out shapes of paper or any material. Adhere the shapes to the woods and have fun with your kids.

3) Felt board: Felt boards are something that I personally love very much. Here is a very good idea to make a felt board on your own, which is both very easy and inexpensive and can be done in just 15 minutes. Cut a piece of felt. Make sure it’s a bit larger than a corkboard. Once you’ve shaped it perfectly, attach it to the board using adhesive. Now you can use different homemade shapes of felt to explore a variety of subjects.

4) Alphabet board: I love this alphabet board very much. It can serve as a great play area for our younger ones, a menu planner, organization center – whatever you want. Get a pair of chalk-friendly magnet board sheets that could fit in your stainless steel fridge doors. Next, get some magnet letter sets, and you are done.

5) Color classifier: Color classifier is another interesting game to inform your kids to be informed about colors. Get a variety of paint chip cards from your local hardware store, cut them up, and keep them in a bag. Create a chart on plain white paper and ask your kids to put the chips in order as per the scale you set.

6) Giant puzzle: This is another that I like the most and will definitely try. This giant puzzle will help improve your kid’s’ spatial and problem-solving skills. Take shaped blocks or any other things and trace many of them on a large sheet of paper. After this, give your kid the blocks and ask them to place in the right spaces.

7) Emo dolls: If it’s a girl, she would definitely love these emo dolls. Besides playing with these, she will also learn stuff like facial expressions, emotion, etc. Get two different types of cardboard tubes that are different in size too. Cut them to the same length. Then cut a circle in the upper portion of the larger ones. Draw interesting faces in the same positions as the smaller ones. Nest those together, and you’re done.

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