Should you spend 1000 dollars on the new smartphones this holiday season?

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Should you spend 1000 dollars on the new smartphones this holiday season?



The time has come for the electronics industry to make billions!

The holiday season is about to begin, and people are all set to spend their cash on gadgets, smartphones and what not.

But, hold on!

Should you spend 1000 dollars on smartphones as black friday and cyber monday hit in?

I am not a big nerd or a tech guy! It’s just that I am a tech enthusiast, and I love to experiment with new gadgets as soon as they are launched in the market.

If you read my blog info, then you will know that I am a family man, who even once filed bankruptcy, learnt his lessons, and therefore give money the first priority over lifestyle.

Lifestyle is it? Well, exactly! Smartphones have become more of a fashion quotient, a must have, rather that utilizing it for what it’s meant.

With time, we will be discovering more advancement in technology, that will increase the craving inside us, to have more.

We are never satisfied, and more the technology advances, more are we ready to spend our precious dollars on them.

As of September, 2018, Apple released it’s three brand new series of iPhones, namely iPhone XS, iPhone XS max, and iPhone XR.

Also android is not behind, especially Google, who is ready with the Pixel 3 series.

All are brilliant no doubt in that.

Now, the question is, is it worth upgrading to these costly devices? I am currently using the iPhone 7, that released 2 years ago, and really don’t feel like changing it anyway.

Admit it or not, the iPhone X was simply an experiment made by Apple that should not have been launched. Guess what, it’s already discontinued.

I believe Apple should have straightaway released the model that runs the recent iPhone XS specs, instead of stopping midway and releasing iPhone X.

Those who spent some 900 dollars last year for this phone, are now not happy with the news of XS’ release this year. They are regretting that they bought iPhone X last year. Now they feel they should have waited till this year and got their hands on XS Max directly!

The same can also be said with Android, but I believe it is the iOS devices that really make the difference in the global electronics market. That’s so, because android is surely costly, but compared to Apple, the money factor don’t quite make a stand.

So, as I was saying, this year too I am not upgrading to XS, for I personally think, the X version of iPhone is not yet ready to hit the market. It’s still under development and will take more time to become complete.

And, I really don’t know why Apple is continuously marketing underdeveloped products. Does it really matter, if Apple don’t release any new product for a year??

Then after 2 years you know, it can come with a bang! A brand new product that looks and feel so different!

Well, I am not here to judge Apple’s marketing strategy. Definitely not!

All I am bothered about is, as black friday glows on the calendar, should I be readily spending $1000 on the products that will be advertised!

Should you be spending?

Well the answer completely depends on you. But here’s something.
If you personally feel that specs are not that much increased from the device you own, then there’s absolutely no point in purchasing the new device.

Even if you want to get hold of a new phone, then buy the costliest one to be released in the market. Remember it’s always better to have a dog’s head than a lion’s tail. And, it’s definitely the best if you get a lion’s head.

So, if you ask me, what should you do, then i will say, if you are someone who’s using an iPhone ranging till 6S, then it’s definitely worth it to move on to XS.

If you own iPhone X, then it’s your call and I can say nothing, but yes XS is truly better than X, given the RAM updates, display updates, and faster faceID!

However, I am not going to give you advice on Android devices as there are so many in the market to choose from, with so many price options.


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