3 Places to get financial aid for the mentally disabled

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3 Places to get financial aid for the mentally disabled



If there is someone in your family who is not mentally fit, it can put forth a dozen of challenges before you to take care. Besides taking care of him or her on a day-to-day basis, finding financial help for a member of your family who is mentally disabled is equally important.

If asked, most have no idea where to look for financial aid. Here are some useful resources to consider.

Foundation and Federal grants

Foundation grants are available for individuals who are mentally disabled. Conclude on a foundation as per the particular disability and apply for funding or grants for school or assistive equipment and supplies.

The federal government offers assistance for the mentally disabled. You can get to know about all the programs via visiting Disability.gov. By visiting the website, you can get information about scholarships, jobs, housing, and government grants.

Disability Funders Network

The Disability Funders Network is a nationwide philanthropic advocacy organization that promotes individual equality and rights for the disabled community.

The organization works as a medium between other philanthropic organizations and the disabled individuals and help bring funding to those who need the most.

The organization works with each and every disabled in the country and help get the funding they seek. The organization further helps the mentally disabled individuals find jobs, health care, shelter, and support for transportation.


There are a plethora of financial aids and scholarships available for disabled college goers. Scholarships and grants are available through the government as well as from institutions that support individual disabilities.

The Anne Ford Foundation & National Alliance on Mental Illness are such groups who work for the mentally disabled.


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