Are human beings the most logical of all creatures?

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Are human beings the most logical of all creatures?



Are we humans really intelligent, or are we the dumbest of all?

A dog or a cat, or a bear, or a lion, or even a spider, has one fixed goal. They eat, they find a shelter, they sleep and they live!

But consider human beings, we need so many things to live! It’s like we are driven by madness. We need cars, we need sofas, pillows, beds, bed sheets, well designed washrooms, computers, spaceships, clothes, water bottles, tables, chairs, coasters, ACs, refrigerators and so on and on! The list is endless. We have made a Man out of this Boy Earth!

Even for once if you just look at insects, animals and other creatures, you might get the feel, that they profess a sense of ignorance towards us and our marvelous inventions. They just don’t bother much!

It’s like an ant, saying, “Let the humans do whatever the heck they want man, they don’t have peace, they pull out petrol, diesel, go to mars, and fly in the sky,  for their own need and after a few days they’ll blame themselves for the pollution!!… Whatever,..I just got to find a speck of something to eat man,… then probably a little rest!!!”

It’s completely pointless to remind again and again, that other creatures except human beings believe in one fundamental concept! They just eat, sleep and repeat! They are hunters, they also copulate, they also reproduce, they also have basic needs, but the only thing is they just don’t participate in this madness!
A madness of curiosity that haunts the human minds for the search of the ‘More’!!!!


What is animal intelligence and is it superior to human intelligence?

Animal intelligence is the broad term that defines cognitive behavior, decision making and action taking capabilities of all living creatures, that make up the class animals!

Undoubtedly, we used to fall under this group of intelligence, until we, humans, started to show very discreet and distinct form of actions that surpassed all other animals and their capabilities. And now we have human intelligence.

We became the ultimate predators, and finally was considered to take up the highest position among all animals! But that’s our version of the story! We don’t know what the other animals got to say!

Consider the actions of animals except human beings. It seems, they only use their intelligence for  actions, namely hunting, gathering, fighting (for existence and survival), and finding shelter!

Their intelligence is highly ‘need’ oriented, unlike the human’s ‘want’ oriented! Probably that’s where we are different from other animals. We live on our ‘wants’, while other creatures live on ‘needs’.

From a very spiritual kind of view, we have always heard of high priests, rishis and philosophers, saying that it is foolishness to run after wants, while overlooking the basic needs! So in that case, other creatures are definitely smart, as they are highly goal oriented, wherein, all they understand is eat food, sleep it away when tired, wake up, hunt, fight or take shelter when attacked, again go to sleep!

But the art lies in somewhere else! We, humans are never satisfied. With all that we have, we crave for more, and we even search for existence, beyond existence!
And that’s exactly where we start to civilize! A dog or a cat, won’t question what is the purpose of its existence, or why is the sun coming up every morning, or why is night black, or why are leaves green, or why does the water flow!

A tiger or a lion, won’t find it wrong, to bite an animal, even if they are mature enough and have come of age. But a 10 year old human child, knows very well that it’s a bad behavior to bite some other human or animal or anything, that’s not a proper food!

As Michio Kaku, the American physicist and popularizer of science says, that we humans progress and civilize because we pass on our knowledge and language from one generation to another. Even though it’s highly debatable that whether or not other species do so, as other predators like tiger or lion, do teach their cubs how to hunt, and birds do teach fledglings how to fly.

But we human beings even seem to pass on more than just basic survival instincts. We tell our kids, the difference between good and bad, we teach them how to count, we teach them how to speak, and we teach them ethics and science!


So you have one coin with two faces. One face goes with the logic, that human beings have more analytical powers than other animals and creatures.

Whereas the other face of the coin can bear the logic, that all animals except human beings are highly materialistic, practical, goal oriented, and have a very stable mindset of survival, while we humans always want to see what’s beyond all that exist in this world!


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