How to channel your Anger to do the right things?

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How to channel your Anger to do the right things?



Right now I am pretty angry, feeling suffocated by the heaviness of the air around me. I can’t put my mind to rest, which I really want to do darn now!


I am burning with this agitation to blow out of my flesh and skin, and escape into a place of absolute silence, where I can focus! 

I believe I am shrouded in thoughts that I can’t control!

Everything is just slipping away past me, and I can barely even track the speed of this life. I am restless.

I think I need to slow down! Or else, I might just explode!!!


Anger is the power within us, which gives us the capability to exert the fact, that we are existing. 


In the ancient scripts of Hindu theology, Lord Shiva is expressed both as the symbol of peace and anger.

He is said to live in the mountains, wandering in the wilderness of cosmos, and giving everything the energy to be valid, present, and existent!
Numerous number of explosions are happening in outer space, every now and then, of strengths equal to million nuclear bombs at times!

Don’t you think that signifies anger!? That defines existence?!


Consider Sun, our very own star, as an example!!

Look at thunder storms, the shifting of the sand dunes, the speed at which Earth rotates, the flight of the comets, the swimming of spermatozoa towards the Ovum, the fuming of Lava!

These are all various proofs of anger scattered everywhere, through-out the space time fabric.


And, we humans are just a small part of it! It is highly necessary that you show anger! Else, you can’t adapt to change, and be a section of it.


But, Anger can surely be destructive! At the same time it can make you vulnerable to a total breakdown, or in other words a state of collapse!

Anger, yes, can demolish you completely!


How to channel your Anger to do the right things?

Whenever you are angry, what comes to your head first?

Kill the person, or hurt the person, with whom you are having an argument, the big quarrel?

Embarrassing the one you love, in front of everyone and make him or her feel bad and worthless?

Ruin your life and blame the whole society that it is the sole reason of you leaving this world forever?


It is right then, you need to transfer all these dark and evil thoughts, into the things you love to do! If you feel like sabotaging yourself, then better shut it down the right way, for the good way!


Go for a run, bleed your toes out! Pick up that boring and silent guitar, and make it cry the whole day long! Kick on the floor, and do 100 push ups! 

Take up that paintbrush, and paint the canvas all chaos! Write the bloodiest lines that can ever come to you as a poet!

Get a hook on your finances, and start making consistent, north of the minimum payments, on your credit card debts, and end your miserable financial status once and for all!


Whatever, you love to do, just do it right in that moment, when you sense Anger is boiling in you! And, trust me,you will see creation!


If you believe in yourself, if you believe you are strong enough, then prove it! 


Do you love to fight? Then start punching on the sand bag with full force, rupture it outright, let the sands pour down onto your feet!


You are mad! You are awesome! You are what gives you the reason to exist. Your anger is the gateway to freedom! 

Use it to achieve your life goals, use it for creation and not only for destruction.

Only break an object, if you can give it a new and better form, or if you can return it back to its original state! Else don’t destroy another creation!


And, for bringing about the change, that you desire of, you need to have anger!

But, that doesn’t mean arguing, fighting, insulting your fellow human species, and bringing the whole world down.

If you can’t ensure creation, then you have no right to destroy!


Anger is a gift, given you understand what ‘Gift’ means! 

In German it means poison (wonder why!!), and in English it means, an object of love, compassion, appreciation, and Gratitude!


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