How practical is the line “I wish I was never born”?

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How practical is the line “I wish I was never born”?



Our lives are no doubt difficult!

There are people whom we love, objects that we find beautiful, creatures that we wish to become! Then there are things we hate, people whom we don’t want to see ever in our life, and so and so!

In the middle of it all, there are many, who don’t like themselves! I, Andy Masaki, once who filed for bankruptcy, started to hate myself more than I could hate anything else!

That’s exactly when I used to wake up every morning thinking “I wish I was never born”. Then I wondered, what would have happened if I really didn’t exist!

I am saying that “I am not happy” when I exist with full flesh, blood and soul. Then how can I be sure that I would have been happy if I didn’t exist at all!

How will I know the fact, that I don’t exist, and feel good about it?


This post is for those, who feel suicidal, depressed, anxious, panicked, lonely, tired, broken, ripped off, dominated and unloved!
It’s for those, who question their existence and would love to snatch their soul away from their body.
It’s for those who want to understand why people think “I wish I was never born”, and how practical is the line itself to think of!


Why do people feel sad about life?

Well, one explanation could be, things don’t turn out the way we expect them to be!

If you ask me, why things don’t go according to your expectation, I will not be able to answer that.

But in the meantime you tell me, what is time?

I don’t need the good old mathematical definition! I want you to answer what do you think of an unit of time? What do you think of a moment?

A moment is what I believe you are a part of! My life, my time, my moments, cannot be yours! Yours is different, so is mine! There’s no comparison! This is the exact general science of life!

Now suppose me and you go to Starbucks to grab a coffee. That moment is shared by both of us! That doesn’t mean our lives are becoming same, and our times are becoming one!

So cut down comparison, as the first step! The more you compare the more will you be sad!

Now coming to the bigger game! As a beginner, I can give you one advice! Any moment that creates anxiety and panic, in a bad sense, is not for you!

But the scenario is not same, when you are in love. That’s a good anxiety, the throbbing of the heart, beats racing up and down, two souls and bodies coming together, that’s something else!

I believe there’s nothing called happy and sad. All are moments. Moments where you are the boss, are happy. Moments where, other people or objects take the upper hand, you are sad!

Hence try not to be sad! Be happy in your own life, rather than feeling sad by participating in the wrong moments!

Should you wish you were never born?

Well there’s no point in wishing such absurdities!

You are existing, you are in the game! You can never exit this! To be precise, you don’t even know where you will go after you die!

So “I wish I was never born”, is not at all practical!

Remember just because you are existing, you can both be happy and sad! Whereas if you never existed at all, then that’s something what we can call absolute void, or absolute null!

As a perk, I can tell you, you exist because of a specific purpose, that only you can fulfill!

Hence find that purpose. Trust me you will be happy! And if you are that sad…. Listen to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams!
Cheers mate you are awesome, as awesome as it can get!


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