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Jason is now a budding Guitarist



Lately Jason had started showing more interest in Guitars. It was after he saw Alan playing a beautiful jazz in one of our community get togethers.

I knew no other than Alan who could help Jason with his Guitar lessons. Unfortunately, he refused as he had other obligations. Though he referred a number of people, but none of them lived nearby.

Luckily, while searching for beginner guitar lessons online, I came across a few on Youtube by a guy named Justin Sandercoe (Youtube channel: Justin Guitar). They were thorough and very helpful. As I explored further, I came across hundreds of videos for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. They were absolutely free.

I encouraged Jason to go through the videos and practice on my old acoustic guitar. Now after about 2 months of learning, he has finished the Beginner’s course. He is playing quite well now. I couldn’t believe he would be able to do it without any instructor.

The videos are very helpful, indeed. If you’re an aspiring guitarist or hobbyist, or anything, you should check the channel for at least once.


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