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Smart tips to prevent car thefts



An auto theft occurs every 26 seconds in the nation. If you love your car and don’t want to lose it, take necessary precautions. Don’t overlook the obvious. 80% of the vehicles stolen till date were unlocked, and half of the drivers forgot the keys in the ignition.

Interestingly, the most stolen cars are not always that most expensive ones. Common or old vehicles whose parts become difficult to find are among the most stolen list.

Just getting intimidated by car theft statistics won’t help. You have to take effective steps to boost your car’s protection. Preventing car thefts is a matter of combining common sense with preventive measures. Here are some useful tips:

1) Don’t leave your car in the open or in unattended parking lots for uncertain periods.
2) Use tapered door locks rather than knob types.
3) If there is a built-in auto theft protection system, always use it.
4) If you vehicle has no built-in anti-theft alarm system, install one.
5) Install a hidden toggle switch that cuts off the ignition or electric fuel pump.
6) Install a high-tech vehicle tracking system, which will help to track your vehicle in case it is stolen.
7) Lastly, don’t rely on a single method to safeguard your car.

Here are some tools that can help protect your car:

1) Immobilizers
2) Anti-theft alarms
3) Steering wheel locks
4) Hidden stereo
5) Hidden fuel and ignition cut off switches

No anti-theft measure can stop car thefts altogether. To avoid adding to car theft statistics, the national law enforcement agencies recommend undertaking layered approaches.


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