5 Signs it’s time for a new move in career

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5 Signs it’s time for a new move in career



Change is often hard to accept for many people, especially when it comes changing your decade old job. However, sometimes a change can make your life more beautiful, happy, and more fulfilling. How would you know that you’re in the wrong career path or you’re not a good fit for the job you’re currently doing? Honestly, you wouldn’t be reading this article if everything was normal as long as your job is concerned. If you feel no urge to complete your daily tasks, there must be something wrong either with you or your job. Here are five signs it’s time for a new career.

1) You’re only there for the paycheck

Your workplace should be a place for personal satisfaction, nourishment, and growth. It should be a place where you can learn teamwork, collaborate, and make friends. People want to be valued at their workplace. They too feel good at knowing that their contributions are valuable too. If the only thing that you get from your job is a paycheck, it might be time you should look for something else. Remember, job satisfaction is much more important than money. You cannot drag yourself through bitter paths for life.

2) Your career is already dead

Technology is rapidly changing our society, lifestyle and the way we used to accomplish a work few decades ago. While this change has brought some great advantages along with numerous comforts, it has also trashed many previously lucrative and most sought after jobs. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, travel agents and loan processors are at their career’s dead end. These people have no option left but to move ahead. This might be time for them to prepare for a career in a high-growth industry, such as an executive MHA.

3) You’ve stretched till the end

It’s easy for individuals who work in small businesses or family owned business to peak out before the business reach its full potential. If you work in a family owned business, it’s obvious that the seniors will hold the top positions. Again, if you work in a small organization, you’ll find the path to advancement is very narrow – less growth opportunities and high saturation levels. In such cases, consider switching to a career with many thruways to development.

4) Your office environment is full of negativity

Even if you enjoy doing your work and are reasonably compensated, a bitter work environment with less transparent leadership can lead to distress, hopelessness and ultimately, a career failure. Has the management failed to keep their promises they made to you once? Are your colleagues more concerned about personal gain than the overall betterment of the company? Staying jobless is far better than working in a negative atmosphere, which creeps into your personal life and make it toxic.

5) You’ve lost your purpose in life

When you’re working on something you no longer have trust in, you’ve lost your purpose. If you wake up every morning thinking that this is just another day with the same narrative, you’ve lost your passion. Working without purpose and passion is meaningless in life. Try something that you’re passionate about and find meaningful.
Don’t waste your life by doing something unmeaningful. If any of these five signs fit you, you perhaps try for a big time change.


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