6 Exercise mistakes that are killing your fitness bug

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6 Exercise mistakes that are killing your fitness bug



Have you been working out for the past couple of months without any significant changes to your body shape?

Is it that you’re pretty regular and punctual about your workouts, but still feel lethargic and non-energetic after doing serious strength exercises?

Or say, your craving for sugar is increasing abruptly, even though you go out for jogging every day.

Being lethargic, sleepy, over-tired after exercises, cramps, high sugar intake, all mean you are not doing your workouts correct.

No one’s perfect. Even a well-built sportsman might unknowingly commit some very common exercise mistakes.

Only in our case do the chances get higher, as we are not professional bodybuilders or athletes. We lack that absolute guidance and training. Moreover,  there are many essentials that we don’t consider while working out.

What are the most common exercise mistakes we need to avoid to get optimum results?

1: We don’t match our exercises as per our needs:

You got to figure out, why do you work out.

Not everyone needs the same kind of exercise.

If you plan for high-end bodybuilding, you need to do strength training and muscular endurance exercises.

If you wish to lose weight and gain flexibility, then swinging the diet chart around and going for intense cardio might come of some help.

So whatever it is, you need to understand why you want to hit the gym.

Jot down your goals, and talk to your trainer how you can achieve it.

You won’t get immediate results in this field. It is a highly time taking process. Plan for short term goals so that you can stick onto it and achieve it easily.

With big aims, you tend to lose interest in your exercises, and ultimately quit it for good by getting demotivated.

So, what you need to do is progress slowly and determine what you actually want as a final result.

2: The stretching myth:

This I really don’t call a mistake but a bad outcome of a confusion.

Stretching is something that needs special attention.

Should you do your stretching prior working out, is the question here.

It depends on what kind of workout you are aiming at.

You should know by now that warming up before doing the main workouts is a must. So I would say, if you are planning for Cardios, then do a little warm up and do a bit of stretching.

It is advised that you do your stretchings only when your muscles are warmed up and flexible.

Immediate stretchings are very harmful to relaxed muscles. It can cause break and tear of tendons and tissues, which will sprain you for days. The result could be agony, with you turning back on your exercise routine.

So, have a brief talk with your fitness trainer to see what should be your workout chart.

3: Running breaks body shape:

No way.

I can never admit this fact.

Running has been good for ages and it will be forever.

I really don’t get this thing, why do people even say that running can ruin a good muscular body.

It again depends on how you punch running and intense workouts together.

As running falls under cardio, you need to break the whole week into general workout and cardios for 4 days with a day gap in between your cardio workouts for your body to recover.

This recovering part we will deal later.

4: Repeating the same workout structure:

This is something you need to pay attention to.

A very common mistake that many do.

What will happen if you keep on polishing only one side of a metal? Do you expect the same luster on all sides?

The same thing is with our human body. The chiseled effect will only take place if you consistently workout for every area of your body.

But saturation is important. The exercise should be equally distributed.

If you do thigh exercises, then do similar exercises and in equal number for both the legs.

Same thing applies in forming good biceps and triceps.

5: Not paying attention to diets :

Your workout results will get better if you can merge a good diet chart along with.

As I told you earlier, you need to fix your goal first. Your diet will switch as per your workout preference.

To build bulky muscles, you actually need a high protein and high good fat diet. You may need to include cheese, olive oil, salmon, tuna, egg yolk, nuts and whatever you fitness trainer will suggest.

But a diet chart for lean and flexible muscles will be a bit different.

6: Give time for recovery:

In the process of doing heavy and consistent workouts, don’t forget to throw in the recovery factor.

Your muscle will strengthen not due to workouts, but with proper time to regain its energy.

So, maintain a periodic gap between workouts.

Give yourself time to boost up again for another workout, then again relax.

This way, you will get both energy and motivation for a routine workout.

Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water.


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