7 Lively ideas to spend a wintry day indoor with your kids

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7 Lively ideas to spend a wintry day indoor with your kids



Winter is approaching fast. There will be bleakly days – probably dull weekends too. And if you reside somewhere in states like Maine, Wyoming, Minnesota (nicknamed as the ‘Icebox of the Nation’), or Colorado where temperature goes down to -50 degrees in winter, going out during weekends can be tough.

However, sometimes this can act like a boon as you get the required time to spend exclusively with your little ones.

Here are seven bubbly ways you can spend your wintry weekends with your kids and family.

1) Read a book: Prepare a good quality log fire, get on the couch, and read your baby a good story book. It’s fun and educational, and a good activity to keep your kids calm. If it’s a storybook with pictures, you can allow your kids to go through the pages themselves. They’ll love it. Here are some good storybooks that your kids might love.

2) Play with a ball: Whether it’s just rolling a ball back and forth or simply watching your kids playing and giggling, either is blissful. Balls can do magic. Get a ball and wait for the magic to happen.

3) Take a short swim .. in the bathtub: Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t swim. Even if you can’t, your baby can – in a bathtub, of course. Try to hone your kids’ swimming skills and make it more playful by leaving him/her in the bathtub and make it less like an usual bath.

4) Play dress up: Do your kids love to dress up? If yes, this can be a great pastime. Dressing up in silly clothes and trying something different can be fun. You too can participate with them. Make sure you check yourself out in the mirror once you’re done.

5) Make it count: Let your kids learn things in a playful and lighthearted manner. Let them go around the house and count each and every object they come across. This can be both entertaining and educational.

6) Build with blocks: If your kids are still more into eating the blocks whenever they find one, you can teach them their usage. You can sit with them and show them how to use those tiny bricks to make something substantial and meaningful. It’ll be fun for them to watch you toil to build something over and over again after they demolish the structure each time you finish.

7) Teach music: If you have any musical instrument in your home, probably you know how to play with it. Teach your kids the same. It can be a piano or drums. If there is nothing, you can find one virtual musical instrument online. Your child will love playing the online instrument as much as the real one.


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