My Top 4 Mistakes as a Parent

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My Top 4 Mistakes as a Parent



Parents are human beings too, and bound to err. Being parents, we all want the best for our kids as they grow up. We want them to have all the earthly pleasures that we lacked in our childhoods.

However, sometimes in a spree to do the best for our kids, we actually make mistakes, which considerably harm them and their growing-up.

Here are five mistakes that I made while raising up my kids and I hope you don’t repeat these once you read this. I wish I knew these beforehand.

1. Keeping them at bay & protecting from every hardship: No parent can see their kids getting hurt or going through difficult situations. For instance, dealing with other mean kids while on the playground. I’ve always guarded my kids against all kind of adversities. I thought it necessary. However, such an act of mine has made them less resilient today. It has made them less independent, and indecisive. I still repent that move of mine and hope that the ill-effects of the same don’t stay long. And soon they start taking their decisions and have the courage to tackle situations outside the home.

2. Praising your kids the wrong way: While hailing your kids is an absolute necessity to boost their morale and spirit, you need to be very cautious while you implement. As per recent studies, excessive praise has fed-narcissism and over-inflated ego among kids. So you’ve to remain careful so that your kids don’t become egoist as they grow up. At the same time, if you refrain from showing any praise, your kids will lack confidence, and will be vulnerable.

It’s best to praise in proportion to the efforts that your kids are making. Make them feel that they are doing good and can do better. However, never make them feel that they are the smartest or the best of the lot.

3. Disrespecting your child: We all want our kids to learn the norms of the society and behave properly with fellow citizens. However, sometimes we take the wrong course to teach them this. Shaming, insulting or making your kids embarrassed in public will have an ill-effect on your kids and make things worse. Shame is one of the most painful inflictions one can have in childhood. It devastates a kid’s self-esteem and since such an act denotes the lack of respect for the child, the child, in turn, lose respect for the parent. This is something I’ve learned from my experience.

4. Not accepting your fault: Being parents, we strive to hold onto the authority in the household. But if we never accept our mistakes, what do we teach our kids? How can we expect them to accept their mistakes? We need to teach our children to learn from their mistakes to be perfect. And to do that they need to accept what they do wrong. Such a lesson is best given at home when they’re at a tender age.

We’re all flawed human beings. What we can do is just try to make things better. It’s our kids that we leave for the society and the world. So if you want to make the world a better place for your generations to come, start working from your home.


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