Why you can’t keep your personal information private

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Why you can’t keep your personal information private



What does a departmental store has to do with your personal information? Have you ever asked this question yourself? If not yet, ask today.

Why does the entire world needs to know your Social Security number, birth-date, your spending patterns, income, movies you watch, places you visit? Why on Earth?

Good grief! It’s not only uncalled for, it’s rather alarming!

Why you can’t keep your personal information private

In the concluding section of this particular privacy notice, there are two phone numbers that the consumers need to dial to allow the kind of information to be given out.

The section also states the way they’ll protect your personal information – they’ll only share it with their affiliates – unfortunately, which stand in millions.

Once you receive the notice,

You’re most likely to throw it away without even reading it
You read it and then throws it away not knowing what to do with the information
You do nothing, and the creditor sells off all your personal info for 17 cents from every marketer, and for about 8 times a week. If you do the math, you’ll find that they make $17 each month just by selling your valuable information. It’s such a profitable policy that they offer you discounts and organize sales events to suck all your private information.

What can you do to stop this?

Call right away the minute you get such notices so that you can stop your personal information from being shared
Keep track of your spam box
Don’t simply throw the notice away. Rather, cross through your address and sent it back to the sender
Place a stamp on the letter as the USPS will simply throw away a letter without a stamp

How much does it cost to you?

If you receive at least two junk pieces each day, costing 47 cents for each, you have to spend $28 a month. Though it’s too much of an expense and may rise if the numbers of notice increase, you should try to protect your valuable data. However, there is no guarantee that this will stop anything.

Make a call the next time you see any of such privacy notices in your mailbox and limit their ability to sell your personal information to others. This will certainly make the unwanted mailers slow down. If you receive less telemarketing calls after this, your initiative is working. After all, your private information is worth protecting.


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