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11 Ingenious hacks all parents need



Parenting is an art – an imperfect business, learned on the job. And you need to learn the hacks and tricks fast.

Kids are fast thinkers and unlooked-for. Often, they come up with plans and executions that involve some sort of disaster. So, being a parent you need to be one step ahead of them – always.

Being parents we always need to have our own set of creative plans in place so that things remain in order, or at least semi functional.

Here are some creative hack you’re going to love.

1) This can keep your kid busy for a while so that you get enough time to get something done.

Day 2: Colour (crafty fun with pipe cleaners) #photoadayapril

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2) This is truly genius to maintain your peace

Desperate times! #ParentHacks

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3) Now this is funny, yet alarming!

4) Watermelons can sometimes act as the savior!

5) Seriously, hours worth of distraction.

6) This is great until you lose the key.

Stumbled on this gem today on #facebook. Very clever #parenthacks #safeparenting #qualitytime #picoftheday #photooftheday

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7) Drip catcher for summer popsicles

Keep fingers sticky free with this fancy ice lolly accessory (cupcake wrapper) #ParentHacks

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8) For the over-creative child and to save the walls

Parenting is never an easy job, but sometimes you can make it a little easier with fun activities! #ParentHacks

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9) Keep the chocolates safe. Level: Parent

Too funny!!!!! 😄😄😄😂😂😂 #comedy #funny #parenthacks #mommyproblems #momlife #gottatrythis #mommyblogger

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10) To well accommodate

I’ve noticed a flood of new followers this last week…I’m guessing because the PARENT HACKS book was a holiday gift for many of you! However you’ve found your way here, WELCOME. I’m @ashadornfest, and I’ve been passing along parents’ clever shortcuts since 2005 — originally, via my blog, and now, via Instagram and Facebook. (I tell the full Parent Hacks backstory in the book’s introduction.) If there’s anything eleven years of this has taught me, it’s that parental ingenuity is never-ending. As long as new babies are born, there are new #parenthacks to discover and share. What better parent hack to share today than the tip that appears on the book cover? @ashleyannrupp found that a laundry basket in the bathtub helps her son stay upright, and keeps the toys within reach. Adorable. I hope you find something delightful or sanity-saving here. And please share YOUR OWN parent hacks by tagging your photos with #parenthacks! I always ask permission before reposting photos, and repost with credit. I’m so glad you’re here.

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11) Make it less painful

Did you enjoy the tricks? Do you have any to share with us?


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