7 Ways to create space for your baby

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7 Ways to create space for your baby



Creating space for a new member of the family can be a difficult job to accomplish. Yes, I can tell you this from experience. Things become tougher when you need to create space for a baby since they along with their kingdom keep on occupying spaces. Things become nasty when you already have limited space for you and your spouse.

Fortunately, there are certain ways to create more space.

1) Get your hands on furniture that multitask: If possible, change your old furniture with new ones that offer extra storage space or serve more than a single purpose. This will save you space and allow you to get more on your spending.

2) Playard with napper: There is no doubt you’d need a napper. But what if you can multitask? Besides serving the purpose of a napper, you can use it as a changing station, play station, or keeping other stuff when your baby isn’t napping.

3) Adjustable diaper bags: It’s better to have an adjustable diaper bag than to lug all your diapers around. The bag can both help while traveling or at home. Besides creating space, it’ll also help maintain the charm of your home.

4) Clip-on highchair: A clip-on highchair can clip onto the edge of a table and can be taken with you wherever you go, so you don’t have to find space for a large high chair. Since it’s mobile, you can also take it along wherever you go. Moreover, if you clip it permanently, you can keep many things beneath it.

5) Rollers: Attached rollers or wheels under your crib or storage units so that you can move them easily around your home whenever you need to maximize space.

6) Convertible crib: Some mini cribs can be converted into twin beds. If you’re going to buy one, buy a convertible one so that you can take advantage of converting it when situations demand extra space.

7) Hang ‘em: When there is less space on the ground, you should start thinking vertically. Create wall shelves. Hang tiers of shelves or invest in tiered stands to store your baby’s supplies. Don’t waste money on a bulky stroller when a stroller hanger can help create more space.


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