How are you raising your kids?

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How are you raising your kids?



Nowadays, we all want our kids to grow up successful. We want to them get good grades while at school and college, get a well-paying job after that, and then getting a mortgage, then getting married, and the list goes on. We load up their lives with the massive burden of our own expectations – things that we couldn’t achieve.

Often, we forget that they are unique beings. They have the rights to grown up on their own, to find out and nurture their own skills, their prized possessions. However, by micromanaging their lives we don’t help them. We simply kill their true character and mould something we want starting from the very beginning.

This is sad. We are not imparting the right education to our children. We simply push them for grades, for all the earthly fancies and happiness out there. But we forget to teach them the essential virtues like compassion, love, kindness, honesty, etc – virtues that are the true essence of our character.

Today I’m going to share a wonderful speech by Julie Lythcott-Haims, the former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford, who asks parents to stop defining their kids’ success via grades and scores. Instead, she advocated on behalf of providing the oldest idea of all – unconditional love.


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