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Financial Wellness Using a Money Tracking App



We’re all using apps anyway, so why not use them for good? Or at the minimum, make confident money moves.

With so many options in Google Play and App Store, you may be asking “Why” We’ll deconstruct what really does for you…

Sure,’s a bomb account aggregator (where you can see all your financial accounts on one seamless dashboard) but it’s also focused on helping create better behavior around your savings, spending and earnings. We don’t just want to automate the whole kit-and-caboodle for you. We want to help you actually feel better about your financial outcomes.

How do we do this? 

Using the best techniques in behavioral science, behavioral economics, and AI-driven technology, offers an integrated banking platform designed to help you learn about, organize and manage money, and find a community that will support your wealth growth. We’ve got features for days.

For starters, we offer free in-app coaching. 

In the a money app, talking to a money coach is as simple as sending a text. Coaches help users identify their personal relationships with money and behavior, set goals, and create improved financial habits with the tools built into the app. 

What tools?

It’s not a budget. It’s a new way to think and a smarter way to build wealth.

With customizable and automated spending categories, you can review expenses from month to month and see where to make improvements. Best of all, you can track and print your business expenses for the quarterly deductions.

In the words of Nav.It founder, Erin Papworth, “If you’re truly embracing a positive money mindset, the b-word doesn’t send you hiding under your covers after an expensive night out. In fact, your secret weapon to financial freedom is knowing where your money is going, and how much is left over for some fun along the way.”

Track your mood to see if your mindset affects your spending trends. 

You track your runs, your training programs, your macros, and your sleep. But what about tracking what keeps you up at night? Does that limit your ability to invest in your health, your future, and things that bring you joy? We’re not talking about your transactions (though you can manage your accounts with Nav.It too). We’re talking about something more profound.

We meant to track your Money Mindset

Money Mindset = Your overall feeling towards your money. It impacts how you make financial decisions every day and can either accelerate or derail achieving your financial goals. 

“We believe taking the time to check in on your mood throughout the day, week, the month gives you a chance to reflect on whether your emotions alter your financial picture and if trends emerge that reveal something deeper, you can change.” Erin Papworth, Nav.It CEO and Founder. ​



After checking in, you’ll get a daily tip of the day. From bio-hacks like the power of sleep and eating leafy green vegetables to practical ways of coping with anxiety, we built Money Mindset Insights to help you manage different areas that may impact your spending and savings.


Measurement and tracking is a key part of the positive reinforcement. With’s built-in benchmarking, you break down the ultimate goal into multiple tiny goals. Like Elite Coach, Scott Stiefeld says, “A big deadline or task can break you down mentally a lot easier than multiple simple tasks, which you can do almost progressively, that still allows you to achieve that end goal.” Seeing your savings accounts grow or your high-interest debt reduce month over month reinforces behaviors that get you there.

Not to mention, you can see how your spending habits compare to others and make improvements through Automated Savings.

That’s right. The app also offers an FDIC insured Auto-Save account for every user.

Whether you need cash for a post-pandemic trip, a downpayment for a house, or a wedding, auto-saves make it easy. Simply specify how much money you want to save and the frequency it should be drawn from an account of your choosing. Your savings stash is available for withdrawal at any time, and you can save for as many goals as you want!

Community knows that a sense of community improves overall mental and emotional well-being.

Encouragement and knowledge from others will keep users motivated throughout their financial journey. Your savings goals will get  ❤️ you what it deserves.  The Community also encourages mindful money routines while seamlessly drawing together money management and financial literacy through quizzes, articles, and short stories from financial experts.

We know that banking systems weren’t designed with you in mind; is. is here to promote baby steps that will ultimately lead to new behaviors.

Not only does offers a tangible service—better money management, a savings account, and daily money health checks—but also an empathetic service and community hub that promotes conversation and practical tools.


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