How can the 7 sins trigger unethical money habits?

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How can the 7 sins trigger unethical money habits?



This society is made up of human beings. Long gone are those days, when all other animals were considered to be an important part of the society.
We dominate, we rule, we are the ones, who define the Earth! This planet is now called the habitat of homo sapiens!
We are strong! Strong enough to express our emotions in the most intelligent ways! We can smile, we can laugh, we can cry, we can growl, we can shout, we can jump with joy, and when we are angry, we can kill!
We have made this society, where other animals are deemed to be inferior to us! We have survived every harsh condition this earth has faced since the dawn of apes, to this date!
And, most interesting of all, we have invented money!
A different form of mutual understanding, that other animals have failed to create! And, neither have we heard of any other alien species in some other cosmic galaxy, inventing so!
We want a house to live? We buy it! We want food to eat? We buy it! We need clothes? We buy it!
But, what is it that forces us to spend more for what we need? Why do we oftentimes buy too much of anything? Have you ever questioned? Why do you buy things that you don’t need?
Let’s begin!

Can the seven sins trigger unethical money habits?
The seven cardinal sins as per biblical mythology are the crimes that define a man’s wrong deeds.
Even though they might be old, and written in the ancient texts, but still they are relevant to this day, and will be in the coming future!
The seven deadly sins are namely, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Envy, Sloth, and Wrath!
Do they sound really that difficult to understand how they can trigger bad money spending habits?
If yes, and if you still not get it, then, let’s figure out how each of the sins is tempting you to spend more.

Don’t mind if I get a bit open in this part! Lust is something, that’s not quite easy to define. One way it can mean an uncontrollable desire or obsession about something!
The other way, lust can instigate your character to bend toward prostitution, theft, and many other unethical behaviors.
If we consider prostitution for the moment, then it requires money to accomplish such acts!
Going to a brothel and satisfying your hunger, is something that is looked down upon, and is really costly!
On the other hand, lust can also mean many other things!
It can mean your unregulated interest in fast fashion, and buying clothes every now and then!
In the most appropriate sense, lust is just another form of greed, where instead of food and other physical objects, it is the hunger of the soul from a metaphysical angle, or in plain simple words it is the body’s huger or “lust” for SEX!

Gluttony and Greed:

Excessive eating and over-consumption of food is not only bad for your health but also for your finances. This is exactly what gluttony is!
Gluttony is still considered by many to be an important section of the seven deadly sins! Why it is a sin you might ask? Well nothing in excess is good!
Food when taken in excess, is definitely bad for health, plus the more you eat, more money you spend!
Also from the biblical angle, it is considered a sin, as only they can consume food in excess, who have money in excess.
Thereby when the rich consumes more food and wastes them, the needy gets a small portion to feed onto!
Hence eat minimal, eat healthy, and save on food and groceries! My grandpa says, eat more to eat less, and eat less to eat more!
Now coming to the other sin, Greed, it signifies both your hunger for material goods and food! Say, a new gadget is coming out next month, and you need it!
Your greed for jewelry, or property, or best way to define greed is “your want for more”!
You are never satisfied with what you got, and in your quest to get more of what you have, you end up spending more!!

Envy and pride:
Envy is what I consider to be the biggest sin of all. It has the capacity to control one’s mind, and divert it to do all wrong acts possible!
From what envy originates is a subject of debate! You can say, it has its roots deep down in depression, hatred, or your sense of believing that you are losing your value as an integral part of this society and world!
Envy shoots up, when a person can’t withstand someone else’s happiness and peace loving nature!
The person suffering from envy fears that he/she might lose his/her importance when someone else becomes successful or starts to get some importance and recognition, or possesses material goods that the envious person has not!
Thus envy compels you to spend more, so as to maintain the status you think you have, and so that others may not meet up with the competition, you seem to believe you are playing!
Also, envy can come up from pride.
To be practical, envy and pride go hand in hand! Suppose you are proud of the fact that you are a wealthy person! The foolish ones will try to portray that they are wealthy, by buying goods and flashing costly properties!
And, if you are foolish, you will do the same thing.
You will bring in a competition in your mind, that forces you to spend more so that other people you know of (those who respect you for your wealth and pride), don’t outshine you!!
Phewww,… a long one,, right??

Sloth readily implies your inactiveness.
Procrastination, is something that you should stay miles away from.
Here, you need to be intelligent enough to figure out how becoming sloth can hamper your finances. One or two examples that can go well, is delaying in paying off debts, or not doing a certain work, that has the capacity to pay you well!
When you don’t get the push or the energy to do work, you might miss out on good money opportunities! Again when you delay your debt payments, thinking there’s always tomorrow, you incur more debt on interests over time, which later might make it more difficult and costly to pay off the debt!

This may or may not force you to spend more, but is definitely one of the seven sins, you should cut down to live a happy and peaceful life.
Wrath means revenge or vengeance! Going behind a grudge against someone or something, might make your finances tight! I am not talking of ruining finances because of any physical harm you might inflict on someone due to wrath.
I am talking of losing your peace of mind due to wrath. If you don’t have a grip on your mind, you can’t have a grip on your finances!
An anxious mind, full of anger and hatred, can never control finances! Making sensible financial decisions will definitely get tough!

Hope from now on, you will be able to conquer all these seven deadly sins, and don’t let them chain you in blinding thoughts of panic, anxiety and rage! Have a good life, and take charge of your spending behavior for good!


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