How true is the proverb Time Is Money?

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How true is the proverb Time Is Money?



Time is valuable, Time is one directional, and Time is the platform on which everything exists.

You cannot see it, cannot touch it, but still got to obey its rules.

Just Imagine, if only for once, we could stop time, make it stagnant, mold it the way we want, and bend it the way we like!

You must be thinking that I am crazy as hell! Well yeah, I sometimes do wish for crazy things!

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about this proverb- “Time is Money”!
This was first said by Benjamin Franklin as an advice to one of his acquaintances!
But should you believe in it?


Why Benjamin Franklin said those words is purely unknown. There are many assumptions and various thoughts derived from it.

Different people has different opinion about “Time is Money”!

Let’s see how it works, and why Time is the most valuable resource one can have!


Why Time is the only thing that matters?

How do we feel when someone close to us dies?

Why do we feel sad? You’d say “Because we can’t meet that person again in real time!”

Yes, that’s where the problem is.

Where did that person go? Just a few seconds ago, he was there, and now he’s gone, forever!

Probably that’s why we should consider each and every moment spent with our loved ones very precious!

I don’t know what makes everything in this Universe so vulnerable.

This Earth that exists today, might just not exist tomorrow, and everything that we think, everything that we have done, might become meaningless!

But till it exists, it will have meaning, it will have a future, it will have a function and it will have a value.


So everything is based on time.
If we exist in it, we have a story; if we existed, then we are history!

Hence time is the most useful resource.

Just imagine a situation, where you are about to build an Industry.
You have money, labor, all the resources you need, but you can only be alive for a few hours! What can you do?? Forget about industry, you need to go to a hospital, man!!

While on the other hand if you are young and healthy, and are going to live for at least 40 years from now, then can you set up an industry even if you don’t have the resources, say money, labor, materials and such?

Well you can, you have ample time to put it to good use.  You can easily gather all the resources necessary if you work hard, because you have enough time, to do so!

See that’s the picture, clear as water!

If you don’t have Time, you ain’t got nothing!


Why Time is Money?

Are you a fan of Bill Gates? I actually hold a neutral opinion about him, as I am not a huge fan of the Windows OS!

But there’s this great quote from Bill Gates that I follow with all my heart and brain; “if you are born poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor its your mistake.”

What do you think this actually means?

It’s that you have your whole life, to become financially stable, and ample time to use it fruitfully!


So all I can say  is “Time really is Money”. If you have time with you, you have huge chances to gain many valuable things from it.

We are not really sure, how long we are going to live!
We are not sure when we will die.
But till we breathe, till we can function as a ‘proper being’, till we know that we have time in our hand, we must not waste a single bit of it!


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