10 Ways to save water at home

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10 Ways to save water at home



Saving doesn’t necessarily mean saving money – all the time.

Water conservation in today’s modern world has become an ethical and essential practice – even in regions where this life-saving element is found in abundance.

In addition to saving money on your utility bills, conservation of water also helps prevent water pollution.
Water conservation saves your nearby lakes, rivers, and local watersheds from being polluted. It also extends the life of your septic system by reducing soil saturation.

Here is a checklist to save water at home:

  1. If you live in an age-old house with worn out pipes and faucets all around, a small leak can drain 20 gallons of water in a day if you leave it unnoticed. So keep an eye on faucets and pipes for leaks.
  2. Each time you flush a cigarette but hair, or other trashes, you waste about 5-7 gallons of water. Avoid using your toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket. There are particular stuffs for these.
  3. Read your home’s water meter for a comprehensive amount of time, and when no water is being used. If the meter shows usage, there is a leak.
  4. Put some drops of food colors in your toilet tank. If the color begins to appear in the bowl after some time, and even without flushing, there is a leak. Toilet parts are usually inexpensive and easy to install.
  5. Insulate your water pipes with pre-slit foam pipe insulation. It’s very easy and inexpensive. This will help you get hot water fast and also avoid wasting water while heating up.
  6. Install water-saving low-flow shower heads. These are easily available, inexpensive, and easy to install. Also, limit your showers to the time it takes to soap up, wash down and rinse off. You can even fit the faucets in your house with aerators. This is the best and the cheapest home water conservation method.
  7. There is no need to keep your tap open after you wet your toothbrush. Cease the water flow once your toothbrush is wet. Resume the water flow when you start with the washing part.
  8. Keep two bottles full of water or sand in your toilet water tank – safely away from the operating mechanisms. This will help you cut down on water waste. You’ll be able to save ten or more gallons of water per day by doing this.
  9. Don’t let the water running when you wash something in the sink. If you wash dishes and have a dishwasher, there is no need to pre-rinse the dishes. But if you don’t and wash in sink, fill a bucket and use from that to rinse the dishes.

There are many other ways and you are the best person to ask for new ways to save water since none can understand your ways and priorities better than you.


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