4 Ways to lead a green lifestyle while saving money

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4 Ways to lead a green lifestyle while saving money



Saving money is one of the most essential things that we’ve been doing for ages. Our forefathers used to do it, we’re doing it, and hopefully our offspring will do it too. But how about helping the planet at the same time while saving money? Would you like to do that if no additional efforts are not required?

Fortunately, nowadays there are ways to help protect the environment and at the same time keep your pocketbook flush with cash as well. So, let’s take a look at four easy ways to save some green and your hard earned money at the same time.

1. Cut down on bottled water: A bottle of water or soda from the retail store after an hour’s hard work can be refreshening. But these tiny expenses of a dollar or so add up quickly and they also add up to the plastic waste in landfills.

So, before you head out for the day tomorrow morning, make sure you take an aluminium water container filled with cold water along with you. It’ll last for hours and you can refill it anytime you want at any old water fountain or sink. This effort of your will help save lots of oil from being turned into wasteful plastic, and also save you anything from $50-$100 every month on drink expenses.

2. Rather borrow than buying: Social networks are not only for keeping up with friends, families, and occasionally killing times. They serve other purposes too. Often, they can save you some real cash by restraining you from making unnecessary purchases.

Think of any purchases you had to make during the last one year just to use just for once: drills, tents, sleeping bags, lawnmowers, etc.

Instead of buying, consider borrowing or renting from your friends in social networks. There are numerous other sites that let you rent or borrow items from your neighborhood in the community: Zilok, Cloud of Goods, etc.

3. Grow your own food: There is nothing more satisfactory than eating fresh vegetables sown on your own garden. Besides making you feel fresh, this also saves you good amounts of your grocery budget.

You can get fresh vegetables from the supermarkets too. But that could cost you an arm and a leg. So it’s better get some seeds from a garden supply store, and plant on your own. Not only these would save you money but also would be way tastier and fresher and keep you healthier in the long run.

4. Save using natural power sources: There was a time when solar panels used to work only in the sunniest part of the country. However, nowadays, due to the introduction of more efficient panels, as well as plummeting prices, situation has changed. In fact, since many new companies are venturing out in this sector nowadays, your upfront solar panel costs could be $0.

Check with your local utility companies to see if there is any rebate program that they could offer you. You could also get in touch with established brands like Sungevity and SolarCity, which offer zero upfront cost solar programs of their own.


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