5 Awesome DIY home improvements for $25 or less

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5 Awesome DIY home improvements for $25 or less



If you’re free this weekend and have an extra $25 at your disposal, then a small DIY home improvement project might not be a bad idea. Here are 5 awesome DIY home improvement projects that can truly give your home a makeover without making a dent in your pocket.

Check out these upgrades that can add value and appeal to your property, and at the same time are a good fit for every pocket

1) Paint the front door: Your main door is something that people visiting your home see primarily. If it’s worn out, applying a fresh new coat of paint will make it look completely new and attractive. Often, the front door becomes weary due to the ever-changing weather it remains exposed to. A fresh coat of paint can really make it look alive once again. You may also consider painting the inside of the door. Painting both sides of the door should not cost you more than $20.

This diamond Brite paint costs you just $10.99

2) Get window treatment: You can go ahead with a cheap fabric treatment to upgrade the windows of your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. If your windows have lost their charm, you can use drapes and window coverings, available in many colors, designs, and prices, so that you can revitalize those.

The cost for a new window shade would cost $9.38
The cost for a new window panel would cost $5.00

3) Apply a fresh coat of paint: Applying a fresh layer of color can refurbish your entire living room or bedroom. If you don’t want to paint the entire room, you can just color a or two walls. Experiment with different shades and textures. You can even add stripes or dots to any wall for a change.

Total cost for a quart of interior paint: $18.95

4) Change electrical plate covers and wall outlets: Whether you like it or not, you can’t help it. Today, we have to keep the electric plate covers and wall outlets in every room of our house. Are those in your home in good condition? If not, go ahead and replace any that are stained, cracked, or just need an upgrade. There are many cheap electrical plate covers that you can choose from. Else, you can simply paint the existing plate and put on a decorative flair. Since you’re on it, also consider replacing your wall outlets or upgrading to USB wall outlets.

Cost for an electrical plate cover: $1.18
Cost for a three-outlet wall mount with USB ports: $14.99

5) Upgrade knobs and handles: Fitting new doorknobs or painting the old ones can transform the look and feel of your doors and windows. The same thing can be done with the handles of your drawers and cabinets. These are small upgrades that don’t cost you much.

Cost for a new privacy doorknob: $10.50
Cost for 10 decorative cabinet handles: $11.15

Do you have anything in mind, or recently had some affordable upgrades? Don’t hesitate to share it with us.


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