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5 Best parking apps to save your time and hard earned money



Recently, I was reading a book titled The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup, a University of California, Los Angeles economist, and I was astonished to know that as per his study in the Los Angeles area of Westwood, people while hunting for a single parking spot, spend 3,600 vehicle miles each day – or, 36 trips around the Earth each year.

Undoubtedly, getting a free space these days to pull over your car is very troublesome. According to a 2011 study by IBM, 30% of a city’s traffic is always hunting for parking, while a third of the drivers in New York City reported that they search for 20 minutes on average each time before they park.

Apart from wasting your valuable time, finding affordable parking is also another challenge, especially if you live in a heavily populated area. Fortunately, today there are a number of mobile apps that can help you find and compare available parking spots across the U.S., and save you money each time you book a parking space. Don’t you think that having such a mechanism is amazing as it gets your vehicle out of the traffic into a safe spot in a matter of seconds?

Certainly yes, and hence today I’m presenting you some of the best car parking apps I’ve come across so far.

1) BestParking: To me, BestParking is truly the best among the rest. It has already been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Forbes, ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC. The app claims to have 850,000 monthly users and locates all the available parking spots in a specific area you search for along with the prices. Since BestParking is already available in 105 cities and 115 airports, it’s undoubtedly the largest site offering parking spaces.

2) ParkMe: With a reach over 84,000 locations in over 64 countries, ParkMe is the largest and accurate parking database in the world. Unlike others, it covers eateries, neighborhoods, stadiums, venues, schools, shops, and hotels. The most attractive aspect of ParkMe is here you get to see the pictures of the parking spots beforehand, and if they have facilities like covered parking, car wash, EV chargers, handicap spaces, etc.

3) Parker: This is another mind-blowing app that can help you find available parking spots, prices, and hours for around 24,000 garages and spots. Parker also provides you the option to filter parking spots by space, payment type, and many other. The main USPs of this app are real-time parking guidance, voice guidance, recent search locations saved for future access, timer alert for parking time expiration, and inbuilt GPS navigation. Parker was voted as one of the most highly recommended apps by Forbes and Mashable.

4) SpotHero: Just like other apps, SpotHero lets you find and book a parking spot via your phone. The main USP of SpotHero is that it offers you a spot for up to 50% off the drive-up rate. The app lets you list your favourite spots, and reserve from those whenever you want. The app also has its own dedicated unsold spots from parking facilities. You can enjoy a discounted rate by booking from these unsold spots. The app is really intuitive and the customer support is excellent. Today, SpotHero is available in most large cities and is expanding their reach every day.

5) Parking Panda: A service that is recommended by Forbes and as per Parking Panda – a growing company with a vision for making parking painless and inexpensive. Unlike other apps, Parking Panda partners with stadiums, family attractions, and other events. Parking Panda also has a referral program that lets you get free parking by inviting your friends.

Do you know any other app that is better in any aspect from these? Do mention in your comments, and I’ll try them too. Thanks for stopping by.


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