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5 Cheapest holiday destinations of 2016



Whether it’s the new year holidays or during any time of the year, traveling is always fun. The journey becomes much more memorable when your family travels with you. Unfortunately, often the issue of affordability pops up whenever you think of traveling along with your family or visiting an international destination.

Never mind as here are 5 cheapest holiday destinations from around the world, where you can travel for as low as $1000, and that’s too for a round-trip! Don’t believe me? Just read on.


1) Thailand: The list starts with one of the world’s renowned destinations – Thailand. You’ll get there beaches, mountain, a plethora of street food, a rich and diversified culture to indulge in. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, you’ll get accommodation within your budget. A decent budget hotel in Pattaya would start from $25 per person per night. You can choose from a variety of options – dormitory, hostel, single or double room.

Thailand is famous for its street food. A good budget meal would cost you anywhere from $1 to $3.

Though Bangkok is the capital, cities like Pattaya, Ayutthaya, and the coral islands are good options to know the people, traditions and culture of Thailand. Almost in every city, you’ll get to see ancient Buddhist monasteries, floating markets, elephant shows and many other things.


2) Cambodia: Another cheap yet enthralling destination that will leave you enchanted with its rustic beauty. Also known as ‘Kingdom of Wonder’, you could get an average hotel from $15 per night.

Cambodian food is both cheap and good for health. If you visit, don’t forget to try Amok, a popular Khmer dish. Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Otres beach and Kampot are the destinations you must visit. You can travel in Cambodia with a budget of $50 a day.


3) India: The cost of living in India is ridiculously low, and the cultural, bio, ethnic diversity is unparalleled. You can stay in any city of India for as low as $15 per day.

India is the seventh largest country in the world. So unless you’re planning for an elongated visit, you won’t be able to cover the country’s 29 states with rich culture and heritage. If you head to the west, you’ll get to see the sea of sand dunes amidst the pink city. If you visit the south, you’ll see the rocky hills, some great rivers like Kaveri, Godavari, and, of course the famous backwaters of Kerala. If you have time, try to explore the North-East – especially Cherrapunjee and undoubtedly the cheapest cosmopolitan in the world – Kolkata.

Don’t forget to visit the most famous and graceful tomb of the world – the Taj Mahal. And don’t come back without tasting the street food of the capital – New Delhi.

Sri Lanka

4) Sri Lanka: Famous for its backpacking destination, the landscapes, language and culture of Sri Lanka is much like the southern parts of India.

The seafood of Sri Lanka is very famous and cheap. If you’re in Colombo, don’t leave without visiting The Lagoon and Beach Wadiya.

The stay is Colombo is comparatively cheaper if compared to the other capitals of the world. You can get dormitory stays starting from $10 and family rooms from $20. Apart from Colombo, you should also try to visit cities like Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Bentota and world heritage sites like Temple of tooth Relic, boating or fishing on Lake Gregory, tea factory visits, Seetha Eliya garden and temple from famous Ramayana, turtle hatchery etc.


5) Indonesia: A country that is both gifted by heritage and natural beauty. Flights to Indonesia are relatively cheaper and goes down further if you book in advance.

If you’re staying in Jakarta, you’ll get hotels starting from $20 per night. Street foods are very much cheap and dining in local restaurants would cost you just $8-$10 per day.

It’d take you 5-6 days to visit places like Bali, Java, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Sumatra. Don’t forget to experience things like Bali village cycling tour, spa treatments, water sports, and volcano tours.


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