7 Great ways to recycle Christmas decorations for New Year’s eve

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7 Great ways to recycle Christmas decorations for New Year’s eve



Wait! Perhaps it’s not the best time to discard or crush your Christmas decorations. We have another holiday just around the corner. This is a great opportunity for you to upcycle your Christmas leftover decorations and decor your home on New Year’s eve that will cost you almost nothing.

Here are seven awesome ways to recycle your Christmas decorations for your New Year’s eve.

1. Christmas tree ornaments: Those tiny little glittery items don’t fade away in a week. You can use them in many ways to decor your New Year’s eve. You can use them as door ornaments, create a garland, or hung from the ceiling. There are a number ways to repurpose these ornaments. Check out more here.

Christmas tree ornaments

Image credit: Dishfunctional Designs

2. Party poppers: Add a bang to your New Year party with handmade party poppers. Head over to Repeat Crafter Me for a guide to transforming your leftover wrapping papers into something cool.

Party poppers

Image credit: Repeat Crafter Me

3. Burnt out lights: It’s always disappointing to see those little colorful bulbs die. But they can be repurposed. You can give them a coat of mirror effect spray and turn into a decorative chain.

Christmas lightbulb

Image credit: Chatfield Court

4. Decorative party hats: Make use of that garland that attaches itself to your stair railings and Christmas tree and get a wearable party accessory that everyone will adore. Purchase a set of plan or metallic party hats and wrap those with that garland chain. You can check the tutorial here.

Decorative party hat

Image credit: This, too

5. Empty wine bottles: Don’t throw out the empty wine bottle of Christmas eve. They can be repurposed into fun crafts that are useful all over the house. Here are 23 unique ways to use your empty wine bottles to decor in parties.

Empty wine bottles

Image credit: Country Living

6. Wine corks: Did you already discard the corks? Don’t if you haven’t done it already. They can be useful too. Just because they are made from malleable material, they can be transformed into anything. You just need to brainstorm. Nevertheless, here are 21 great ideas to repurpose your wine corks.

Wine bottle corks

Image credit: Country Living

7. Confetti: Even after making party poppers, I’m sure you’re left with a plethora of wrapping papers. Don’t mind. One Good Thing suggests another use for it – shredding! Use a paper shredder to instantly create confetti fit for your New Year’s Eve party (or to use as packing material all year long).

Simply, you just don’t need to get rid of your Christmas decors yet. Experiment with these and try to find other methods to decorate your home on this New Year’s eve.


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