7 Ways to save money while going green

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7 Ways to save money while going green



Today is not Earth Day. It is not even any environment conservation day either. Still, today I’m going to give you guys some tips that could be helpful for your pockets and moreover, by following the tips you’ll contributing to save the mother nature and make this a better place to live for your offspring.

There are in fact numerous ways by which you could improve the environment of your surroundings while improving your personal finances. Yes, you can certainly save some bucks by reducing your energy consumption and water use. However, today what ways I’m going to discus with you are different.

1) Borrow rather than buying: Instead of buying the book you’re going to read the next time, borrow it from a local library. The same goes with movies. This will certainly save you money and you’ll in turn, save the trees that are cut to make paper for books. Here you can find all the public libraries in your locality.

2) Buy smart: Always try to purchase in bulk as this will save both money and packaging. Wear such clothes that don’t need to be dry cleaned as this will save both money and cut down on toxic chemical usage. Again, it’s wise to invest in high-quality products those have longer lifespan than the cheaper ones.

3) Stop drinking bottled water: Make use of a water purifier in your home than buying tons of bottled waters each month. Apart from draining your pocket, it also generates huge amount of container waste. Make use of a reusable water bottle (preferably aluminum) while traveling or at work.

4) Bike to work: According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by more than 3,000 pounds a year just by leaving your car at home two days a week. Moreover, you’ll save on gas and parking if you bike rather than drive to work.

5) Eat less meat: According to the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization, the meat industry itself generates around ⅕ of the world’s man made greenhouse gas emissions. You can make a big difference to this just by skipping meat once every week. It’d be just like taking your car off the road for around 3 months, as per the Earth Day Network. Moreover, you’ll save money since going veggie costs much less.

6) Save energy: You perhaps know how to use thermostat during summer and winter. You perhaps also know the usage of CFLs to save energy. Here are few you might not know: 1) Wash cloth in cold water whenever possible as 85% of the energy used to wash clothes goes in heating the water. 2) Skip machine drying; rather use a drying rack.

7) Plant trees:
You might not know but according to the US Department of Energy, planned planting of trees can lower an unshaded home’s air conditioning costs by up to 50%. Many utility companies offer their customers with free trees throughout the year so that they can reduce energy consumption through planned planting. So check with yours if they are having any offer. Some local governments too giveaway trees as part of Arbor Day celebrations. Check with them too. Here are some tips for landscaping for shade and enhance energy saving.


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