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Enjoy nights out in town without spending a fortune



Everybody needs a night out every now and then but the problem is that such fun activities tend to be rather expensive. It is possible to go clubbing without spending a fortune, but you will have to change some of your basic practices.

Avoid weekend nights out
Nights out tend to be most expensive on popular days like Friday and Saturday. This is when the club scene is most active and prices tend to be the highest.

Clubbing on a weekday may sound like a crazy idea but it will help you save a lot of money. Week day clubbing might be difficult to achieve, especially if you are working. Yet, once you get into the habit of clubbing on a week day, you will find out that it favors your budget.
Some clubs tend to be more expensive than others. Obviously, you will have to avoid such spots regardless of the day. More affordable places will offer the same fun without devastating your budget.

Look for special discounts
Internet is a great source of information. You can use it to save some money on your nights out, as well.

All bars, clubs and entertainment spots have special promotions every now and then. Alcoholic beverages are discounted on particular days or you can get two drinks at the price of one.

Go through the websites of your favorite spots and figure out when it would be most affordable to go out. Some of the websites will feature promotional codes and coupons that you can print and use to save some money on your night out.

Take a limited amount of money
Always leave your wallet at home before you go out for a crazy night. The availability of limitless amounts of cash will get you into trouble, particularly if you have had a drink or two already.

Take a limited amount of money and leave your credit card at home. If you ever take your credit card on a night out, make sure that you have checked the monthly statement thoroughly. Figure out whether it features any over-expenditure. In case this happens, you will have to contact a professional.

Get into the habit of pre-drinking
Alcoholic beverages tend to be the most expensive items on the menus of bars and night clubs. To limit the expenditure, you can have a few drinks at home.
Drinking at home before going out will save a lot of money. In the club, you can enjoy a soft drink or a single glass of something. This way, you will make clubbing much more enjoyable and affordable.

Have a night out at home
Who said that you need to go out, in order to have a lot of fun? Turn your home into the best recreational venue and spend the night there.

First of all, think about the activities that you want to do and think about the comfort of your neighbors, as well. Loud music will be inappropriate, especially if you have failed informing the other residents of your apartment about the upcoming party.

Purchase several types of alcoholic beverages and organize a cocktail night at home. You could also have a karaoke event or a disco-inspired party. Get the guests to dress up, play the right music and you will definitely have a blast.

Organizing an inexpensive and fun night out is quite simple, as long as you are willing to spend some time on research. Go through websites and special offers to find the places that you and your friends can afford. Avoid weekend nights out and have a small amount of cash in your pocket. Once you get used to these steps, you will get to enjoy affordable nights out.


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