Is your home winter-ready?

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Is your home winter-ready?



As the winter months roll around, we somewhat start becoming more attentive to our furnace and slowly become dependable on it. Its unrelenting and unfading flames decide our peace of mind and undisturbed sleep.

However, at the same time, we hope that the heating bills we receive during the cold months are not colossal.

Just by performing some minor adjustments you can bring down your energy bills to agreeable levels. Here are some quick tips on getting your home ready for winter.

1) Remove both organic and inorganic rubbish from your gutters. Sticks and dead leaves get quickly accumulated and clog the gutters. This turns the gutters into ice dams where water deposits, freezes, and then seeps into your house. Clean your gutters before winter. Also, check for potential leaks as things would get harsher with the advent of winter.

2) Check for air leaks in your home. A popular way is walking around your home with a lit incense stick. In common drafty areas like windows, doors, and any place where there might be any crack you’ll see the smoke bend due to air inflow. You need to weather strip the gaps. There are several varieties of weather stripping out there from stick-on foam to nail in place metal. Also, use door sweeps to reduce gaps under your doors.

3) Make sure your fireplace is winter-ready. If you have a fireplace at your home, you definitely enjoy the warmth due the cold months, and also the reduced heating bills. Though cleaning the chimney isn’t necessary every year, ensuring that it’s working fine prior to using is recommended. Get it inspected by a professional.

4) Check your furnace every year. It’s very necessary to make sure that the furnace buzz right along. There are ways to keep the furnace in a perfect shape and energy-efficient. Check the filters regularly, and replace the dirty ones.

Trust me; the winter months don’t seem to depart. If you want to stay warm, it’s you who need to take the necessary steps and make sure of that. Just by following some of the steps above you can ensure that your home remains safe during winter and can offer you the comfort you deserve.


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