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4 Unique back-to-school tips to save money



With the month of July starts the rush for a wondrous shopping festival. It is the time which calls for the opening of a new school year.

This shopping is hectic, yet fun. It is all about kids, students, uniforms, bright stationery items and branded backpacks with images of popstars, cartoon characters and what not.

Even though it is a pleasurable time for the students, as they will enter a new grade, the pocket pinch for the parents could be a burning sensation.

The fancy back-to-school shopping may sound childish, but it definitely requires proper budgeting and execution of plans.

Here are the basic 4 ways to take this shopping heartily and spend as much as you want, yet save money as much as you can!

1: Search and sort the haves and have nots:

We in the search of new forget what we have; especially children, they always want shiny objects as the ‘new’ factor is enticing to them. But as parents, you must not behave like a kid.

If you search your child’s room, the old cupboards, desks, computer table, invisible drawers shut beneath stacks of books, you may find a lot of unused school supplies from previous year or year before that.

Whatever you can find, from a pencil to unused pair of snickers, pile them up, and make a list of them.

These are your already have items, so cancel them out from this year’s shopping list.

If you are the one who’s been skipping this first basic step for the past years, then start practicing this sorting out technique from this time onwards. This could save you money more than you could think of.

2: Go for group shopping:

The back-to-school shopping requires help.

Being a parent, have a discussion with other moms and dads of the same graders. Go together for the shopping and buy in bulk.

The discounts will be pretty satisfying.

With other friends around, you will find it easy to search items and negotiate the price. Not everyone is good with everything when it comes to shopping. You might be smart with apparels and backpacks, someone else may have already got a good list of stationery supplies, which is more convenient.

In addition to that, you will have companions to support you in asking for discounts when you are buying in bulk. Your child will also be busy having talks with other buddies while you all parents can focus on money matters without any distractions.

The back-to-school shopping is made complicated and expensive by the student itself. With so many parents around, they won’t nag for every item they see, and chances are they will be busy fooling around than disturb you with your purchases.

But be careful, too many kids may become too noisy. Have a couple or someone to baby-sit them at the food court or somewhere, while you all parents are busy sprinting from one floor to another in the shopping mall.

Another suggestion, which I forgot to give you, is to go shopping in malls and departmental stores as you may find better deals out there.

3: Don’t shop everything in one day:

This is one of the most useful back-to-school money saving tips.

It is highly advised to do your shopping in a time span, instead of doing it all in one day. Make it a 3 days or 4 days experience.

It will be easy for you to manage the enormous range of supplies.

A back-to-school shopping requires proper management.

Take 3 days off from your work schedule. One day will be apparels, the next day for learning materials and the third day for stationery supplies.

Shopping for 3 to 4 days may be a bit tiresome, but it becomes more manageable and pocket friendly.

It will also give you a scope to surf through stores as you will have time in hand. So when you are done with apparels, you might wanna utilize those extra 2-3 hours from that day for searching the best discounts on binders and folders by doing a bit of store hopping. This will be handy when you come down the next day for study material supplies.

4: Make a savings plan of one year for back-to-school:

This is the time bomb to save money during back-to-school shopping.

This year’s back-to-school shopping is already knocking, so we can’t do anything about it. All we can do is follow the previous steps to spend money wisely during this shopping parade.

But from now on, you must open a savings account for your every year’s back to school shopping. So every month, let’s say, you are depositing $100 into a recurring deposit account with good interest. You may even consider to invest a little more; so choose an amount that you find comfortable.

Schools and colleges are becoming more expensive day by day. An average back-to-school shopping can cost you anything between $700 to $1200, or even more, if your son loves hanging onto branded materials.


So, having a good savings in hand will be highly beneficial. Also don’t forget to look out for reward points and cashbacks on your retail and credit cards. Use them for your shopping to gain profit and savings.



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